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Come giudichi questa attività

The MILLEFIORI shop was born from the twenty-year experience of the owner MILENA GARRO

The company buys plants, flowers, and objects directly in Holland, without going through intermediaries, which is why it manages to have competitive prices.

In addition to plants and flowers you can find complementary products such as potting soil, fertilizers, insecticide, pots and particular objects (photo frames, watches, bags, kitchen items, etc.).

The shop offers the following services:

  • Home delivery
  • Worldwide deliveries through authorized agencies
  • Online booking (from the comfort of your home choose the product and it will be delivered to your home at no additional cost)
  • Arrangements for weddings and for all types of events
  • Rental of lanterns and structures of various kinds
  • Maintenance of graves in the cemetery
  • Rental of plants and flowers

Arrangements for Events

MilleFiori offers you a wide choice of services, from the simplest and most informal to the most sophisticated, always suitable to meet the needs of every single occasion. Personalized arrangements based on customer needs, consultancy and inspections, matching flowers and objects, mixing different styles. We offer customized set-up services for Ceremonies – Fashion – Conferences – Shows – Corporate events

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